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American Bird Conservancy Recommends Birdsbesafe

American Bird Conservancy Recommends Birdsbesafe

Our small company has marketed its own invention, the patented Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover, since early in 2009. Yesterday, we celebrated a milestone for our scientifically tested and increasingly popular product. Birdsbesafe® collar covers were listed as an anti-predation device on the website of the American Bird Conservancy, a national bird conservation group.

The American Bird Conservancy has had a long-running Cats Indoors Campaign, which garnered support from a veterinarians' association and the U.S. Humane Society, among others, for the goal of all cats being kept indoors to protect wildlife from them. But, of 100 million pet cats estimated to be in the U.S., the pet industry experts reports that about 2/3 of them go outdoors.

A range of solutions can help significantly reduce or eliminate the cat's ability to hunt and capture wildlife including birds. The American Bird Conservancy has chosen to list these options, in a section on Solutions, on their website. Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers, with their related scientific studies, are shown and linked to. We appreciate it!

In the United States, the average cat owner owns two cats. That means that there are 50 million decision-makers in the U.S. Some will keep their cats indoors, happily, such as I do now, and some will let their cats out, for many different reasons. Fifty million cat owners are going to each have their individual choices and preferences.

We join with ABC in hoping that you will take a good look at what you can do to keep your cat from harming wildlife and, more specifically, birds. Review their solutions page, here. Do the best you can. And if your cat does roam free outdoors, consider the Birdsbesafe® collar cover, which is easy to use, safe for your cat and highly effective. It's been scientifically tested and marketed since 2009. It has been shown to reduce birds caught by about 87% on average, even for highly skilled hunting cats. It's a great solution if your cat is an avid bird-hunter, but you're not able to contain the cat indoors.

Thanks for caring about cats and birds!