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Australia and New Zealand: Pausing Shipping Again - Oct. 20

Australia and New Zealand: Pausing Shipping Again - Oct. 20

UPDATE: Oct. 20. We are seeing slow shipping times for individual packages to Australia and New Zealand. If your tracking shows no change for a week, be reassured your packaging is still traveling towards you, but slowly. 

Due to the slow shipping speeds for individual orders to AU and NZ, we are going to be looking towards having more local availability of Birdsbesafe products within your countries. For now, we are PAUSING on taking new individual website orders here for AU and NZ. The postage cost is very high, and the shipping times too slow. More news, as we know it.

From SEPT. 1, 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic conditions caused a pause in our ability to ship globally. We are sorry for the problems, but we are now resuming shipping to you, in time for springtime Down Under.

We have missed you, and you have missed us. Hello to our friends and customers in Australia and New Zealand! Welcome back!