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May Shipping Updates and Covid-19 Impact

May Shipping Updates and Covid-19 Impact

  1. We are shipping only to select countries at this time, due to the pandemic making shipping unreliable or very slow to many countries, temporarily.
  2. We are shipping to: U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and Germany.
  3. We are shipping your orders normally, here, within two business days. Our packages ship US Postal Service, First Class package rate.
  4. A small percentage of U.S. Postal Service areas take longer than normal for the delivery. The US Postal Service is experiencing delays, due to high package volume due to heavy online shopping levels in the pandemic. Additionally, the reduced number of airplanes flying has impacted their delivery times.
  5. If you see your tracking information "stall" in one location, and not show progress, it does not mean that the package is lost. It is delayed due to the current pandemic conditions. Your packages ship with the US Postal Service as "First class packages."
  6. If you have a question, you can use the contact form to reach us and we will help you.
  7. We have had an especially high order volume at Birdsbesafe LLC this spring. The only effect is that sometimes we are low in some colors. We are expecting more inventory soon. Please bear with us. Everything that is currently available is shown online in the Shop. Thank you!
Thank you for your orders--and enjoy the birds this spring!