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BBC and Birdsbesafe!

birdsbesafe protects birds from cats

Hello friends of cats and birds in the UK. We were just featured on the BBC's "The One Show". Terrific!

Here's the link, which can be viewed only in the UK in this format (see end of post for viewing instructions, outside of the UK):

The video is a lovely segment, which profiles Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers as one way to protect birds. A consulting pet expert, Sara Ellis, supplied a cat owner with our Birdsbesafe® collar covers for her two avidly bird-hunting cats to use. After a month of wearing them, the cat owner reported that she had found "no more dead birds" during the entire time.

The cat owner did remark that the cats "felt silly" wearing them, but this seems like it is not really a barrier to using Birdsbesafe® products. Cats, generally, find our products comfortable and non-restrictive to all their favorite cat activities. We think cats are cool with them. If the neighbors think the cats look silly, one can always explain about the merits of protecting birds. And, we think the cats look regal and festive.

We are glad for this great reporting. The narrator never mentioned Birdsbesafe® collar covers by name, but we assure you: those were Birdsbesafe® brand products. We recognize our patented products when we see them, that's for sure!

We have had happy cat-owning Birdsbesafe customers in the UK since 2009, so we are sure you will have the same great results with our bird-saving product as we see on this side of the pond. Just order online from our website store.

To view the video outside of the U.K., use a "virtual personal network", which is legal software that associates your computer with an ISP in the U.K. Examples include: "Tunnel Bear" -- and such tools work well and are often free. Google it for more information, please. Thanks!