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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers in Newsweek!

Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers in Newsweek!

Happy Spring, cat owners and bird lovers.

Along with spring rain and greening plant growth, the migratory songbirds are returning to the north of North America and other northern latitudes. In my yard, we celebrate the first American Robins coming to look for a nesting habitat. Their singing at dawn and dusk ushers in the welcome retreat of wintertime, while our last snowbank melts. Where we live, birdfeeders are removed for the warm months, to avoid attracting black bears!

Another seasonal change is that more cats spend more time outdoors in the company of songbirds. If you have an outdoor-going cat, there are a variety of ways you can protect the birds in your yard and region. Please try to keep your cat indoors at dawn, dusk and overnight, as much as possible. Doing so will help protect small mammals and birds, along with being much safer for your cat.

If your cat does go outdoors in the daytime, please consider our Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers. Our simple, patented innovation uses the bright colors that songbirds see, in order to help birds notice the stalking feline in time to fly away to safety! We research and carefully choose the colors and patterns, to make a highly effective product--and to protect your cat from unwanted attention, too.

We recently received a nice mention in a Newsweek article on cat behavior. As most cat owners know, a cat will stare out a window at birds, and sometimes vocalize. One of my cats once developed a "friendship" with a Magpie. They both seemed to be imitating each other!

As the article mentions, outdoor-going cats will provide much less of a risk in the bright colors of Birdsbesafe® covers. (But, no, our products are not "bib" shaped. Our Birdsbesafe collar covers are narrow tubular shapes, that flare out around the cat's neck, for colorful -- and comfortable -- protection for birds.

Happy Spring!