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Birdsbesafe Collar & Cover: A Comprehensive Review by

Birdsbesafe Collar & Cover: A Comprehensive Review by

Please see PetKeen's Birdsbesafe Collar & Cover Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion article for a completely independent review of Birdsbesafe products.

Here is a summary of the review:

The Birdsbesafe Collar and Cover represents a significant advancement in protecting birds from outdoor cats. This product has received an impressive overall rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars, excelling in quality and effectiveness. It's an innovation born out of necessity, as described by the company: "Birdsbesafe is a cat product company started by a bird lover forced to cohabitate with an indoor/outdoor cat with a knack for catching birds."​

What sets this product apart is its scientifically proven effectiveness. Independent studies have demonstrated a remarkable reduction in bird deaths by cats, with a reduction rate of up to 87%. This is a significant achievement in wildlife conservation, as the review notes: "Their effectiveness has been verified by independent studies, which have proved these covers can reduce bird deaths by cats by up to 87%!"​

The practicality of the product was also tested in a real-world scenario. The reviewer's experience with their cat Makoa illustrates the product's effectiveness: "Once he was outside, he didn’t care about it at all. At that point, he only had eyes for the birds. Luckily, it was obvious that they could also see him easily."​​ This observation underscores the collar's ability to make cats more visible to birds, thereby preventing potential attacks.

Makoa Wearing the Celtic Wind Birdsbesafe Collar Cover

Makoa wearing the Celtic Wind Birdsbesafe Collar Cover
Photo credit: Sara Seitz of

Concluding the review, the effectiveness and innovative design of the Birdsbesafe collar and cover are commended: "Birdsbesafe has done an amazing thing by creating an effective product that allows cats to run free while protecting birds."​​ This endorsement highlights the product's dual benefit of allowing cat freedom while ensuring bird safety, a balance that is crucial for pet owners who are also wildlife enthusiasts.

In summary, the Birdsbesafe Collar and Cover emerges as a highly recommended product for cat owners concerned about wildlife conservation. Its combination of safety, effectiveness, and quality makes it a standout choice in the market.