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Do Cats Eat Birds Or Hunt Them Just For Fun?

Do Cats Eat Birds Or Hunt Them Just For Fun?

Protecting Backyard Birds
From Cats

Did you know domestic and feral cats are the leading cause of bird mortality? Despite their comedic antics, our feline friends are a severe threat to their feathered playmates.

That's why, behind the laughs on every viral video and meme, a fur parent wonders: do cats eat birds, or do they do it for fun?

Whether cats play for fun or food, they should do it without hurting anyone—no need to keep your adventurous cats inside all the time.

We're here to help you and other cat owners make a safer place for your cat to play while keeping the birds happy, too. Let's find natural methods to stop cats from hunting birds and ways to prevent cats from killing birds so your cat can have fun without causing trouble for our feathered friends!

Why Does My Cat Keep
Catching Birds?

If you've had a house cat, you've probably seen how their mood shifts around birds. Domestic cats may chatter excitedly indoors when spotting birds outside or catch them outdoors during playtime and offer them as gifts to you.

But why do cats kill birds?

Your kitty's chattering isn't just cute. Several studies have proven it as a predatory move to trick birds into safety. What drives them to do so? Is there a reason why a cat catches birds? Here's why:

  • Cats' persistent bird-catching behavior is driven by an innate predatory instinct, reflecting their natural prowess as hunters, similar to wild cats.
  • The enjoyment derived from hunting escapades adds a playful dimension to this behavior.
  • This timeless connection between cats and birds harkens back to the feline's evolutionary history, deepening the bond through shared instincts and hunting nature.

How to Stop My Cat From Hunting Birds

Now that you know your cat's love for chasing birds is natural, you might wonder, "How can I stop my cat from catching birds in my garden?"

You can make play safer by using different ways to stop house cats from killing birds in your garden, such as providing indoor entertainment, practicing leashed playtime, giving distractions and rewards, changing their diet, using cat deterrents, and accessorizing their collar.

How to Stop Cats From Catching Birds

Provide Indoor Entertainment

Keep your cats indoors with stimulating toys and structures to redirect hunting instincts through interactive play.

Leashed Playtime

Ensure secure outdoor play with a cat leash, preventing bird hunting while engaging in controlled play to satisfy natural instincts.

Distractions and Rewards

Redirect cat instincts with toys, praise, and treats, discouraging bird hunting and promoting positive behaviors.

Change Diet

When in doubt, consult your vet for diet changes or anti-aggression supplements for optimal health, behavior improvement, and a harmonious relationship with your cat.

Cat Deterrents

Use effective bird deterrents for cats, such as motion-activated, high-pitched sound devices and physical barriers like bird netting.

Accessorize Their Collars

Attach bells, reflective cat collar covers, and other accessories to your cat's collar to alert birds, enhancing outdoor safety and reducing the risk of bird hunting.

How Can BirdsBeSafe Collar Covers Make Cat & Bird
Play Safer?

Alfie wearing the the Birdsbesafe Rainbow Sally Collar Cover

Photo credit: Our customer, Laura, and her cat, Alfie

BirdsBeSafe collar covers are scientifically proven to ensure safer cat-bird interactions, making it one of the best cat collars for protecting birds. The 2015 U.S. study noted an 87% annual reduction in indoor cats killing birds and catching birds, thanks to this vibrant accessory. Here’s why:

  • The bright colors make cats more visible, giving birds time to fly to safety.
  • This visibility signal encourages birds to avoid the area, leading to fewer visits to the garden.
  • Reduced success in hunting further decreases the cats' interest in pursuing birds.

Technically, birds easily spot the cat, becoming more naturally avoidant, making it one of the humane deterrents for cat-bird hunting. With decreased hunting success, some cats relax, spending less time pursuing birds.

1. Vibrant and Stylish

Birdsbesafe collar covers sport bright colors, giving most songbirds enough time to notice the cat and fly away.

Songbirds have unique eye anatomy that makes bright colors appear extra-bright, even in low light, such as at dawn.

Using a collar cover is an effective cat collar solution for bird safety and is also one of the bird-friendly options for outdoor cats. Birds may see the cat wearing Birdsbesafe's colors from a distance and gain enough time to fly to safety.

2. Safe and Comfortable

They are specifically designed to fit over standard breakaway collars. This design means that our collar covers do not interfere with the safety feature of the breakaway collars, designed to release when snagged on an object, reducing the risk of choking or injury to your cat.

3. Reflective Trim for Night Safety

Our collar cover includes reflective piping trim that enhances car safety at night. You can rest assured that your cat will remain visible to drivers, reducing the risk of accidents.

Key Takeaways

Cat killing birds has long been an inevitable primal activity, even for cats indoors. Nevertheless, you do not always have to deal with a dead bird.

Keep your cats busy with mental and physical stimulation, use bird deterrents, change their diet, and do not forget to wear a vibrant cat collar cover from BirdsBeSafe!

3 Set Birdsbesafe Covers + 1 Breakaway Cat Collar

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