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Birdsbesafe Company Makes the News

Birdsbesafe Company Makes the News

Birdsbesafe collar covers made front page news! Our local and regional newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, featured the story of our product's origin in a three-page cover story, complete with photos of three cats and me, the originator of the product. We recounted the story of the invention (which you can read on our About Us page), and we shared some information about how far the product has come, in our almost ten-year history.

It's always nice to look back and see how far we have come from the days when we only had data on our own cat's bird-hunting. Now, we helped many other cat owners protect the birds in their yards from their cats. This year has seen exciting increases in bird-protection in the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland, Iceland, and more, as we have focused on helping cat owners find the product in those countries (and others). We are looking ahead and trying our best to increase the number of cat owners who use Birdsbesafe collar covers in their own yards for their cats.

Our business, based in Vermont, continues to grow. This bird-saving product is patented in many countries (across North America, the U.K., and the E.U.) and we have unique and important information about which colors and patterns work best to protect songbirds from cats. Our product has been tested--and our product claims validated--by an independent scientific field study in New York. This past summer, the American Bird Conservancy included our product as a solution for bird protection, on their list of ways to protect birds from cats.

To say that we have come a long way from our "a-ha" moment of invention is an understatement. With the help of cat owners who care about birds, we are making a difference and saving a large number of birds. Could it be hundreds of thousands of birds? Yes, possibly that many. But as the article said, we could potentially save millions of birds. That's a good goal.

Join us, as a cat owner, and do your part to protect birds in your yard from your cat. We'll keep growing our business to do our part. Thanks for caring about cats and birds!