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What Is a Birdsbesafe Collar Cover?

What Is a Birdsbesafe Collar Cover?

Are you wondering how a cat collar goes inside of the Birdsbesafe® collar cover? We know it is a little hard to visualize. This description should help!

It’s important to understand that you need two parts in order to put the fabric Birdsbesafe® Cover on your cat. You need: the Birdsbesafe® collar cover and an interior cat collar (with the buckle).

The cat collar can be any brand of cat collar. Maybe your cat has one already? It should be a breakaway buckle type that releases under pressure for cat safety.

Here’s a photo of how the collar looks, inside the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover.
Birdsbesafe Collar Cover with Cat Collar Inside of It

You can adjust the fit of the interior cat collar in the normal way that most cat collars are adjusted—with the slider part, adjusting the overall length.

The two-part Collar and Cover can be fit to basically any cat’s neck, as long as the collar fits the cat. The Birdsbesafe cover is 20” long and it will be more or less scrunched up, depending on the cat's neck size.

It is long, like that, intentionally to flare out around the cat's neck to be very easy for birds to see from a distance.

Typical cat collars are 8” - 12” to fit cats' necks. (You can measure your cat’s neck, if you want to.) After you have put the collar inside the Birdsbesafe cover, you put the whole thing around kitty's neck, and adjust the size so it is comfortable: not too tight, and not too loose. Leave about a half-inch of space. Cats don't like things tight around their little windpipe.

The Birdsbesafe® cover does add some fabric to the fitting, so you have to experiment to get the fit right once you try it on the cat.

That's it. Now, your cat can wear "feline fashion with a bird-saving function" or as we like to call it, "Dressing up like a clown--to save birds!"