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How to Fit Cat Collar into Birdsbesafe

How To: Fit a Collar into a Birdsbesafe Cover

We're providing step-by-step photos, for a commonly asked "how to" question.

How do I put a cat collar in a Birdsbesafe cover?

1. Hold both parts like the photo shows, vertically.

Fitting cat collar into Birdsbesafe

2. Drop the collar end into the Birdsbesafe cover.

Cat Collar fitting into Birdsbesafe

3. Keep going, feeding the collar into the Birdsbesafe cover.

Steps to fit cat collar in Birdsbesafe

4. Hold onto the one end of the collar and start scrunching the Birdsbesafe cover, and pushing the other end of the collar further along.

Cat collars fit into Birdsbesafe cover

5. Expose the lower buckle end of the collar, while holding onto both buckles.

Buckles of cat collar fitting into Birdsbesafe

6. Bring the buckle parts together.

Buckle cat collar in Birdsbesafe cover

7. Voila. Next, fit it onto your cat, by unbuckling and buckling it on kitty's neck.

By the way, try buckling together on the back of the cat's neck, not on their throat.

Finish putting cat collar cover in Birdsbesafe cover