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Zora the cat wears Birdsbesafe collar getting ready to go outdoors and not catch birds

New York Times Magazine

This week the New York Times Magazine "The Ethicist" column was titled "What Should I Do about my Bird-Killing Cat?" Columnist Kwame Anthony Appiah tackled the topic, offering Birdsbesafe cat collars as one of the ways to reduce cat predation on birds if you let your cat outdoors.

In addressing the question, Appiah mentions the range of choices for a cat owner who wants to eliminate or greatly reduce its cats bird-hunting. The first choice is to keep one's cat indoors, and this choice is a great one. It is perfect for many cat owners and their cats. Providing good chances to play indoors can really help with boredom and exercise needs.

And a catio is mentioned. They can be big or small, but fundamentally allow cats fresh air and some outdoor access, but while being enclosed. Think cat-sized screened in sunroom. 

But in some households, cats are routinely let outdoors. And it is for those cats that we made the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover. Our invention was our answer to that same question, "What should I do about my bird-killing cat?"

After seizing on an inspiration to make the cat more obvious to birds, by using the bright colors that birds see superbly, we tried our prototype out--and our cat stopped catching birds. This cat had been a terribly skilled hunter of birds, so we knew we had created a valuable bird conservation tool.

Please look around this website for more information, about how our answer to the question has become an established, scientifically proven, popular cat product. Keep your cats indoors, if you can, but if not, please choose a good strategy for significantly reducing cat predation on birds!