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NPR Story: Cats, Birds and Birdsbesafe

NPR Story: Cats, Birds and Birdsbesafe

A news story on All Things Considered on NPR Radio by Lauren Sommer discusses the toll on wildlife by free-roaming cats, and also describes the science study of Birdsbesafe cat collar covers, in a discussion with Dr. Willson.

A new multi-country study used GPS collars on cat to help establish the hunting cats' roaming patterns. They also collected prey animals returned home by the cat.

The reporter then discusses our own product, the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover, with Dr. Willson, whose field study (published in 2015) validated our product claims of protecting birds from cats. Birdsbesafe cat collar covers are able to highly reduce the number of birds caught when cats wear them, by making the predatory cat more visible to birds.

Enjoy the NPR radio story here.

Welcome to NPR listeners! We're glad that you found your way to our website. And we hope you can try our product, if you have an outdoor-going pet cat. Also, do see our list of stores that carry our products here on the In Stores page.

Thank you for caring about cats and birds! - Birdsbesafe® LLC, Vermont, U.S.