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Recent Publicity: Rodale Organic Life and More

Recent Publicity: Rodale Organic Life and More

We at Birdsbesafe® LLC enjoy a lot of attention from the cat-and-bird loving public. You may enjoy catching up on reading about us in these recent stories!

Of course, we remain very happy that the BBC covered our product in a feature on "The One Show", a popular variety show in the U.K. You may have a hard time viewing this video in the U.S. unless you use a "virtual private network"  (VPN) with a UK IP address. It's worth the time, if you are interested in seeing a cat owner who tested our product and found it stopped her two cats from catching birds. We do wish that the BBC reported had mentioned our product by name! (Using a VPN is legal and can be done for free at sites like Tunnel Bear.)

For simpler U.S. viewing, please check out our new promotional video on Youtube here!

We continue to collect new testimonials and will be updating the Feedback page very soon!

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