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Black cat wears Birdsbesafe cat collar cover

Apr 29, 2022

Swiss Scientific Field Study

When I started Birdsbesafe company in 2009, after inventing the product for my own cat, George, I did not imagine how many scientific field studies would eventually test the product's effectiveness. That number rose to seven studies, this week, with the publication of the Swiss field study being published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

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Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers in Newsweek!

Apr 9, 2022

Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers in Newsweek!

Happy Spring, cat owners and bird lovers. Along with spring rain and greening plant growth, the the migratory songbirds are returning to the north of North America and other northern latitudes. In my yard, we celebrate the first American Robins coming to look for a nesting habitat. Their singing at dawn and dusk ushers in the welcome retreat of wintertime, while our last snowbank melts. Where we live, birdfeeders are removed for the warm months, to avoid attracting black bears!

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Pet Cat wearing Birdsbesafe collar cover

Feb 3, 2022

What about Feral Cats?

We hear from people and from groups, wanting to know if we would recommend using the Birdsbesafe® cat collar cover on feral cats. Sorry, no, we don't recommend it at this time. Our pet product is a well-designed, validate solution for protecting birds from pet cats is not really a great match for feral cats.

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Rosie the Regal One for Birdsbesafe

Jan 1, 2022

Saving Birds in 2022

We are greeting the new year with gratitude for all our customers, who care about cats and birds. Together, over the last decade (plus), we have made a difference, saving untold numbers of birds.

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Set of 3 Birdsbesafe cat collar covers

Nov 26, 2021

Birdsbesafe: Holiday Thoughts

We wish you, your cats, and your local birds a very happy holiday season. In Vermont, at Birdsbesafe headquarters, winter is making its usual November appearance with a snowstorm. The Black-capped Chickadees are eating sunflower seeds at the feeder, and the cat has a view from indoors.

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Birdsbesafe cat collar covers save birds

Oct 11, 2021

More Press From UK Science Study

There is another round of publicity for the UK science study, which was published in early 2021. The new publicity includes stories at, Science Daily, and, among others.

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Zora the cat wears Birdsbesafe collar getting ready to go outdoors and not catch birds

Sep 19, 2021

New York Times Magazine

This week the New York Times Magazine "The Ethicist" column was titled "What Should I Do about my Bird-Killing Cat?" Columnist Kwame Anthony Appiah tackled the topic, offering Birdsbesafe cat collars as one of the ways to reduce cat predation on birds if you let your cat outdoors.

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