Recent Publicity: Rodale Organic Life and More

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

We at Birdsbesafe® LLC enjoy a lot of attention from the cat-and-bird loving public. You may enjoy catching up on reading about us in these recent stories!

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Bienvenue: Le Protection Oiseaux

Posted on November 15, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

We are delighted to announce that the French organization, Le Protection Oiseaux, a Birdlife International member organization, is now selling our products on their online boutique!

Here is the link for one of our Birdsbesafe® collar covers at their online store. They are offering three different colors/patterns at this time.

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Birdsbesafe: Summer in North America

Posted on July 07, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

birdsbesafe bedecked cat named Navi . Birdsbesafe saves birds from cats

Summer is so precious where we live and work, in Vermont. Every day, songbirds sing outside our offices: the wood thrush and veery are some our common musical performers. Yes, it is the woodlands, and we are lucky. We are surrounded by birds. And for the 4th of July, on a nearby lake, we saw a Bald Eagle, an Osprey, and a Kingfisher. I missed seeing the Common Loon, but it was seen, too.

NOTES: Birdsbesafe company activities proceed at their fast summer pace. Here are some notes that may interest you.

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New Birdsbesafe Video

Posted on May 19, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

We're so happy to announce that we have a new and improved Birdsbesafe video to share with everyone. We will be putting in on the home page soon, but until then, have a look at it on our Birdsbesafe Youtube Page here. It's the one with just a few views, so you will be among the first!

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Earth Day 2017: Birdsbesafe Saves Birds

Posted on April 20, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

Paco for Birdsbesafe on Earth Day 2017 Saving birds from cats
It's Earth Day... we share a few thoughts about bird-saving, here, and on Birdsbesafe video!!
We at Birdsbesafe company are grateful that every day we are able to help people protect birds from cats. We like to say, "we work for the birds." And so, on this spring day in Vermont, we will just take two minutes more of your time to share our Birdsbesafe Youtube video. It's not very fancy, but maybe you can share it with your friends--and help us protect more birds. There are 100 million pet cats in the U.S alone, so if you can not keep your kitty indoors, please try Birdsbesafe cat collars! Thank you, and Happy Earth Day.

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It's a Flying Cat with a Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover!

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Nancy Brennan

Birdsbesafe® cat collar covers are featured in the March/April issue of Pacific Standard magazine, a popular west coast magazine. 

You can read the Pacific Standard article by Peter Andrey Smith here, and it's more than just an article: There is also a video of "flying cats" by published pet photographer, Julie Christie.

Watson the cat with Birdsbesafe

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Building Peace Between Cats and Birds

Posted on December 02, 2016 by Nancy Brennan

Bergamot for Birdsbesafe. Copyright 2016 Birdsbesafe LLC all rights reserved
A new book by Peter Marra and Chris Santella, entitled "Cat Wars", discusses the conservation issue of cat predation on wildlife. The authors' approach to the subject divides the interested factions into "cat people" versus "bird people."
We have a few thoughts on the topic, ourselves, after 7.5 years of hearing from cat owners who are concerned about protecting birds.

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