Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Our Fabric Formula for Feline Fashion Success

We're very serious about our Birdsbesafe cat collar covers' functionality. We have exclusive knowledge about fabric design after more than six years of feedback from customers, testing colors and patterns, and analyzing the results of different fabrics. When you ask "which fabric is the best" of the ones we sell, we're happy to tell you: We're confident in all of them. Choose the one that you like best.

Our exclusive Fabric Formula is serving us well and keeps both birds and your pet cat from harm's way. We have a 25-point formula that we consult before a fabric gets approved! We originated the idea of using bright colors to warn birds of cats hunting nearby. We've got the exclusive know-how to make our device work!

Thanks for caring about cats, birds, and feline fashion function!