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Bergamot, Adventurous Cat


Here's Bergamot, an adventuous cat from England. The story of how Bergamot became an outdoor cat is a good example of why some cats are not indoor cats.

From an email sent to us by his owner: "Bergamot is a boy cat, though people often assume he's a girl due to his prettiness! He's only just turned 7 months old, so hasn't quite grown into an immediately recognisable big-headed boy yet. He is a ragdoll and Burmese cross and his markings are lynx/tabby point, but we didn't go to a breeder - we got him from a local rehoming group, where he'd been given up for adoption."

"His previous owner had several cats already when she bought him, but he started fighting with and scaring off her older cats. She also wanted to keep him as an indoor cat, but he had other ideas and was getting severe cabin fever in her house... all in all, she decided he was too much of a handful for her. Fortunately, he is very happy here."

Bergamot photo by Harry Duns and for Birdsbesafe LLC all rights reserved

As the photos show, Bergamot enjoys the woods and environs, climbing trees and showing a lot of cat-confidence. Before wearing Birdsbesafe collar covers, the birds were in danger of Bergamot--and he caught two, one after another, before he started wearing our bright colors. His owner wrote: "Our own unscientific observations so far here are that Bergamot has failed to catch a single bird or mouse since wearing the collars."

(Note: generally mouse-hunting is not affected for better or worse, according to most customers. Mice don't see bright colors well.)

Bergamot by Harry Duns and for Birdsbesafe LLC all rights reserved.

Here are a few more of the glorious photos sent by Bergamot's owner, a professional photographer (and musician). We're inspired, with these photos, to start an Instagram page, so keep an eye open for a post and a link, soon. And if you like the photos, stop by Harry Dun's Instagram page for Bergamot or learn more about HarryandTanya's wedding photography. As with all photos on Birdsbesafe's website, please inquire of us if you wish to use photographs found here, as they are copyright protected and all rights reserved.

Thanks for caring about cats and birds.