Australian Cats and Birdsbesafe

Posted on September 21, 2011 by Nancy Brennan

Welcome to Birdsbesafe fans and friends down under. It's spring there and time to help protect birds from cats. Birdsbesafe orders have started arriving from those countries. Wonderful!

We also got a special inquiry from Western Australia's Cat Haven and its director. Would we make a wholesale shipment of Birdsbesafe cat collars available to them? They promote: "caring, rescuing, re-homing, and raising awareness for cats" in their region, where stray cats are many.

The Cat Haven does a wonderful job. Check out their video on their website if you want to be inspired. Their stray cat issue is a nationally important one: so important that there is even legislation about it. Cats must have chip IDs, I think, for example.

And cat predation on birds is a burden in their environment, with so many stray cats.

So, of course, we said "yes" to Cat Haven, but then we had a better idea: Send them some out-of-date fabric ruffs and keep the price really low, making a sort of donation/discount package. Off went the box of goods to Australia. We felt proud to help.

Birdsbesafe ultimately would like to be in a great position to help more agencies and organizations. We still have our own growing pains to deal with (a-hem, we need some more revenue), but we were happy to help. It's a small world. Australian cats may be less likely to catch birds now.