Ground-nesting birds and your cat: Caution, Please!

Posted on July 01, 2011 by Nancy Brennan

Our yard has a special guest this year, an Eastern Phoebe sitting on her nest about 50 ft. from the house. We're glad we have an indoor cat only. Although Birdsbesafe® cat collars are wonderful at protecting many songbirds, a ground-nesting bird is in danger of being caught by a cat because the bird does have to sit on the nest. 

Our former cat George, who inspired Birdsbesafe, in fact, caught one phoebe on her nest--and it was one of the two birds that George ever caught in 1 1/2 years of his wearing Birdsbesafe.

So, if you have a ground-nesting bird, you might want to "ground" your cat and keep it indoors a while. 

Oh, yes, the eggs have hatched and the young birds are doing well so far. We get a peek every now and again.

Remember to use Birdsbesafe cat collars for your outdoor cats! With a few exceptions, the collars are very successful with protecting songbirds. Thanks again.