Spring and a nice compliment for Birdsbesafe

Posted on May 10, 2010 by Nancy Brennan

Spring is here if you look at the leaves on our trees (out early), but there's a cold wind and a fire in the woodstove. And yet, newly returned warblers are showing up. This morning, along with some nice bird song, I got a very complimentary email from a recent customer.

"Marvellous--a stroke of ingenuity. I would suggest getting the cat used to an ordinary collar first and then switching to the birdsbesafe one. So glad I found the website. I was really upset to see birds being hunted. These collars really do work. SAVE WILDLIFE--make these collars a legal requirement for out door cats."

That made my day!

I do love the endorsement and thanks, JB, for sharing your enthusiasm. I'm not much of a natural sales-person, myself, but "these collars really do work" is the truth--otherwise I wouldn't have gone into business.

It's all about saving the birds, folks. Spread the word to your friends any way you can!