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Made in the US Since 2009 🇺🇸

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Emmy wearing a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover

Sep 20, 2011

Australian Cats and Birdsbesafe

Welcome to Birdsbesafe fans and friends down under. It's spring there and time to help protect birds from cats. Birdsbesafe orders have started arriving from those countries. Wonderful!

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Emmy wearing a Birdsbesafe cat collar cover

Jun 30, 2011

Ground-nesting birds and your cat: Caution, Please!

Our yard has a special guest this year, an Eastern Phoebe sitting on her nest about 50 ft. from the house. We're glad we have an indoor cat only. Although Birdsbesafe® cat collars are wonderful at protecting many songbirds, a ground-nesting bird is in danger of being caught by a cat because the bird does have to sit on the nest.

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Oct 9, 2010

Birdsbesafe Receives a Nice British Fan Letter

This email came today, and I thought I would share it with you. "Dear Nancy,I was getting so desperate about the number of birds my cat was killing. She was bringing in at least one forlorn, broken bird a day and I was beginning to hate and resent her -it felt like I was luring the birds to their deaths by putting feeders in the garden...

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Zora for Birdsbesafe cat collars

May 9, 2010

Spring for Birdsbesafe company

Spring is here if you look at the leaves on our trees (out early), but there's a cold wind and a fire in the woodstove. And yet, newly returned warblers are showing up. This morning, along with some nice bird song, I got a very complimentary email from a recent customer...

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Shawn's cat hunting in Montana wearing Birdsbesafe

Dec 26, 2009

End of the year thoughts: 2009

As the new year approaches, I reflect on my year with Birdsbesafe. I want to keep in mind all the songbirds and all the housecats. Birdsbesafe co. will end 2009 with high hopes for 2010.

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Jul 31, 2009

Fledgling Reminder: Caution! Cats!

Birdsbesafe Cat Collars protect your local songbirds from hunting by your housecat in most situations, but one of the situations that the bright collars don't overcome is when young birds leave the nests. Many songbirds leave the nest before they can actually fly.

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